the safety illusion

From the time we are born, we are taught to think, to compare and to control our lives. Therefore, we create a safety illusion life model by setting goals, objectives and plans. We end-up getting lost in our made-up stories and we get caught-up in our make-believe social identities with limiting beliefs of scarcity and of impossible perfection. Instead, the truth is that life is always abundant, limitless and pure creation. It is our own during our short time to express our true self through creativity, compassion and curiosity. I hope you’ll enjoy these paintings..



The lake

Reflection is not what it seems.



You see what you believe: freedom or imprisonment.



When you look up at the sky, you can see yourself.

birds copy.jpg


Free flying is living at its best.

The social ego

When you finally see your ego, you are able to recognize its personality and emotions and let them go. It's a new beginning.


Sea at Night

The darkest thoughts will drive you mad, but only if you let them.

birds picking.jpg

Birds picking

The mind never stops thinking.