What if?

What if I was a bird

What if I was unborn

Would I feel any differences

With all my senses?


For some it is real

For others just a dream


What if it was a stream

Of pure awareness

That we call consciousness?

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A Clear Sky

Is an empty space

Full of possibilities.


A white sheet

With endless options.


A new beginning

With a fresh perspective.


A meaningful void

With a feeling of joy.


A deep nothingness

With positive fullness.


A clear sky

Is your mind at work.

In The Sea Of Love

In the sea of love

I swim

I float

I turn and twist

I dive deep.


In the sea of love

I sink

I choke

I suffocate and stifle

I asphyxiate.


In the sea of love

I surrender

I abdicate

I close my eyes

And I hear my heart beats.


In the sea of love

And I am fearless and free.

New York City

California clear blue sky

Morphed into vibrant elongated metal skyscrapers.

The city captures your spirit and precipitates you in a deep abyss.

The powerful energy spins and your equilibrium flickers.


The peaceful meadow of the tall majestic redwood trees,

Became intellectual artistic creations of the past stories

That built the great American dream.


The city that never sleeps.

The city that creates dreams.

This is New York City.

This is my city.

Désire (French)

L'amour est un bateau ivre tiré par les vents du désir,

Bateau qui chavire au moindre coup de rafales. 

Échouées au bord des rivages, les épaves sont des histoires que la vie à malmene.

Des histoires de cœurs meurtris et blessés par la solitude de l'être humain.

Desire (English)

Love is a drunken sailboat pull by the winds of desire

Sailboats capsized at the lowest severe blow of gusts

Run aground on the shores, wrecks are stories that life has manhandled

Stories of wounded hearts, hurt by the human beings’ loneliness.


Refrains our impulsive reactions

Separates us from the animal kingdom

A willpower to evaluate alternative decisions

Said to be the key to wisdom

Impulsive and spontaneous is our human nature

Why such a fight with being a creature


Are we afraid to regret

Of what we might have left

Or is it the fear of the debt?

What happen if we cut the self loose?

Do we think we have that much to lose?

Would emperors have build dynasties,

Would Steve Job have left legacies

If they had applied control on their identities?


I will not stand for self-control

I say unleash this vigorous flow

Rule the world with our relentless passion

This impetuous and healthy ambition

Let’s transform our world through virtuous energy

Into a righteous vitality


Study of humanity.

Spices of society.

The source of happiness,

Knowledge is the glorified trait of individuality,

Currency exchange of our society.


It overcomes our weaknesses, yet limits our perceptions.

It pushes our static beliefs, yet creates mental habits.

Is knowledge shifting and unclear, seeing things only through their shadows?

Is knowledge the promise to prevent past faults,

To empower new generations to a bright white future?


In the Indian philosophy, knowledge is perception,

Application of the sense organs to their respective objects

True power is consciousness and awareness

Not opinion, a form of apprehension. 

 Is knowledge really power?

Or the comforting and soothing illusion of our brief and futile existence?

Why Can't We Be Free?

Why can’t we be free?

From others and oneself

This bond is killing me

I want to find a shelf


Can I destroy this feeling?

An addiction with no will power

I am searching for meanings

All I find are encounters


What if life was just this?

An impossible separation

Humorless dour abyss

With no absolute liberation

Comfort Beware

Beware of comfort

As it forges paralysis. 

Your perception is plundered

As you drink from its chalice.


You fall into anesthesia

Dancing like a ballerina,

Manipulated with invisible strings

That cut out any possible wings.


Comfort calls for your own diminishing

And latent mental death

When you end-up mimicking

Others to impress.


Should you become a critical thinker?

A free agent with no attachment?


Heaven on earth is not comfort,

But yourself sculptured

Through the constant reminder

Of awareness as its cutting edge chisel

That makes you want to whistle.

All The Life's A Stage

There is a secret well kept

From our conscious mind

Something we all have felt

Knowing we have been lied


A delight well guarded

A surprise to be molded

You have been misled

To live the expected


All the life's a stage

The world is a play

Your greatest ballet

For you to display


Speak louder for the audience to hear you

Put on makeup for the audience to see you

Actors are high in colors

It is your chance to have honors


Don't you see?

We expect you to be.

Wow us

Impress us